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Welcome to the Ridgway Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.


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Department Officers

President: Keith Mader
1st. V. President: Curt Dahler
2 V. President: Sam Plyler
Chief: Scott Pontious
D. Chief: Joe Gasbarre
A. Chief: Ray Imhof


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Ridgway Parade winners

Wilcox Rescue 611 - 1st Place Rescue

Horton Utility 712 - 1st Place Utility

Fox Tanker - 1st Place
Johnsonburg Tanker - 2nd Place

Wilcox Engine 61 - 1st Place Engine

Johnsonburg Engine 21 - 1st Place

Brockway Engine - 1st Place
Fox Engine - 2nd Place

Oldest Engine, Wilcox Engine 61

April School of Dance - 1st Place
Girl Scouts of Ridgway - 1st Place
Cub Scouts of Ridgway - 2nd Place

Peoples Choice - Ben Oknesfki
Grey Knights - 1st
St. Mary's Hight School - 1st
Ridgway 2nd

Ridgway Rockets - 1st

Avon Lady 2nd

Here are the Saturday Night Prize winners. Prizes are as listed on tickets

1. Mary Lewis
2. Shawna Konopko
3. Angie Donofrio
4. Elena DeVittorio
5. Maureen Donachy
6. Boy Scout Troop 92
7. Steph Predko
8. Rick Bullock
9. Kathy Sanchez
10.Tim ?????? (have phone number)
11. Craig Weasel
12. Susan Filer
13. Mary Lewis
14. Jen Challingsworth
15. John Zameroski
16. Dick Mercer
17. Brandy Hetrick
18. Meg Yeager
19. Beth Greathouse
20. Mike and Valerie Stager
21.Yvonne Sereno
22.Linda Gaspari
23.Rick Vargas
24.Mike Vasbinder Sr.
25.Christine Delhunty
26.Dan Kinney
27.Scott Zimmer
28.Drew Tutton
29.Mike Leslie
30.Jim Aiello
31. Nheel Dreher
32. Richard Zameroski
33. Tom Auman
34. Lori Coulter
35. Jennifer Anmedu
36. Nicole Stahli
37. Amanda VanOrsdale
38. John Walker
39. Germaine Sundell
40. Brandy Hetrick
41. Dan Halpin
42. Connie Popson
43. Betty Consolo
44. William Gerg Jr.
45.Dan Halpin
46.Steve Piccirillo
47.Perry Everette
48.Jared Martin
49. Ricky Cancilla

47 48 and 49 added after printing. 47 was a gift certificate from Keystone True Value, 48 and 49 were advanced ride tickets for next year's carnival.

Prizes will be mailed this week.

THANK YOU!    The Ridgway Fire Department would like to thank everyone for their Continued Yearly Support.